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Hassle-free vet consultations for ultimate pet care. Search A Vet is the one-stop portal for pet parents and vets to connect safely. Ensuring trustable online veterinary services.


Virtual Vets. Real Results.

Search A Vet is your way to go whenever you need to book a vet appointment – online. Vet consultations from professional and licensed veterinarians are now on your mobile’s tap. From routine check-ups to nutrition advice, your pet gets instant attention – for their protected living.  

Take a moment to consider us as:

  • Strictly Follow the FDA Guidelines
  • Trusted by Hundreds of Customers
  • Hold a Strong Foothold in the United States and Canada

Your Personal Vet At One Call

Pet Parents!

You’re just some swipes and clicks away to choose a veterinarian for your furry pal. Whether your pet has a visible problem or is suffering silently, our expert vets can identify and address them instantly during a LIVE video consultation.  

Pet solutions we offer to pet parents:  

  • 24/7 Online Vet Consultations
  • Unlimited Online Vet Visits
  • Keep a Digital Health Record
  • Team of Expert Veterinary Consultants 
  • Emergency Consultations Available
  • Smooth & Easy to Use Mobile App


Looking to build your profile? We offer vets a reliable platform to practice their expertise. Build your veterinary profile at SAV, experience real-time pet connections, and more. You can boost personal branding as a licensed veterinarian, showcase services, and expand your reach. With us, you get:

  • No Sign-Up Fee
  • Portfolio Gallery of Your Practice
  • Real-time Appointment Management
  • Reliable and Ever-growing Pet Connections
  • Reach Unlimited Pet Connections Without Ground Limitations
  • Get 3 Customizable Web Pages to Flex Your Portfolio

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We ensure a 100% Satisfactory experience at Search A Vet.

John Bulger

Geisinger Health Plan

Working with Teladoc Health helps us to educate our providers and our nurses in understanding cues to identify patients and helps us run algorithms

Jemisn Hulux

Health New England

Making quality healthcare available to all of our community members without interruption is our #1 priority, and virtual care continues to make this possible.

Wax Polin

American Heart Association

People have become dependent on this virtual benefit. We have had so much positive feedback that we know we will always have this option available.


Can I Get an Online Vet?

Absolutely! We connect you with professional veterinarians remotely.

Are Virtual Vet Visits Worth It?

Vet visits are always worth it. And become more effective when they're online, saving you time and hassles.

How Does Vet Telemedicine Work?

It's just like having a vet doctor at your swipes and clicks. Whether it’s an emergency or a regular check-up, you can get prescriptions, treatments, and professional advice with our telemedicine services.

Do You Offer Emergency Services?

While we can’t handle life-threatening emergencies online, you can quickly consult our veterinary professionals and seek advice regarding what to do in a particular situation.

When to Seek Emergency Vet Consultation?

If you notice any severe symptoms, a sudden change in its behavior, or difficulty breathing, consult a professional veterinarian instantly.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Call +1 (516) 593-7100

Emergency E-mail

24/7 Email Support [email protected]

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